My products are transferring over as a downpayment



Issue: I have invoices that assign line items to "ACCOUNT NAME", but when it syncs to Quickbooks it uses the account "Down Payment". 

We made a slight change to the Product mapping and that is why this is coming over as a "Down Payment". In the past, we created the Product ID as "Service-(account name)". Now we're using the Product ID on the GL Mapping, or we will default to "Down Payment" as the product ID if none is specified. It is defaulting to "Down Payment" because there is no Product ID specified for the product.



Update all of  your GL Mappings for the "ACCOUNT NAME" account type to have the Product ID you want:

After updating GL please re-close the invoices which use those GL mappings: 

1. Change the status to New

2. Click Save 

3. Back to Closed 

4. Click Save.

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