Gozynta Mobius is not syncing GL entries to QuickBooks Online



The only way we can map to the correct GL account is through QuickBooks Online items. For service lines (i.e. where there is no ItemID) we create an item specifically for mapping to the GL. This option defines how these items will be named when created.


A possible reason  is because you may have Service Item Source set to [Work Role-Work Type].
The batch data shows Work Role "Specialist Project Manager" and Work Type "Onsite" in the memo field. This resolved to an already existent item in QuickBooks, but with a different GL account.  This could happen with any item mapping if the account number were to change in either system. If this Work Role-Work Type combo potentially resolves to many GL accounts, they may want to use one of the "GL Account" Service Item Source options. Otherwise if the account number simply changed in QuickBooks or ConnectWise PSA, they just need to update it in the other system to resolve.


  1. Select "Setup QuickBooks Online"
  2. Select your company Name
  3. Select Sales
  4. Select the correct service item

Additional Resources

Please review our Service Item Source knowledge base article for additional details on this setting.

Please review our GL Account Mapping knowledge base article for additional details on GL Account Mapping.


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