Everything used to sync but now it is saying that accounts don't exist that used to be there! What's going on?



 It is very possible that when you reconnected QuickBooks Online (perhaps when you needed to due to Intuit's regulations), you signed in to the wrong company. It is easy to check to see if this happened.


First, go to QuickBooks and log in to the account that you connect to Gozynta Mobius. Check the chart of accounts and ensure that this is the correct chart of accounts that you are using. 

Then go to Billing and you will find the Company ID on the top of the page. (Write that number down; we'll need it later.)

Now let's jaunt over to Gozynta Mobius. Look at your connect screen and you will see the Company ID number for Quick Books in the Configuration page. If it is set up correctly. The two numbers will match.  If those two numbers do not match, you are linked to a different QuickBooks Online account and you will need to disconnect and reconnect.



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