Custom security role


In cases when you don't want to use the Admin role you can create a custom security role, which we recommend doing.

In order to create a custom security role in ConnectWise navigate to System> Security Roles and grant the permissions described below.

After creating a security role with relevant permissions assign this security role to the integration user (API Member).  Please note that an additional Manage license is NOT required to have an API Member assigned with a Security Role. 

Step 1: Companies

Companies > Company Maintenance

Inquire - All

Companies > Contacts

Inquire - All

Companies > Manage Attachments

Inquire - All

Step 2: Finance

Finance > Accounting Interface

Add - All

Edit - All

Delete - All

Inquire - All

Finance > Invoicing

Edit - All

Delete - All

Inquire - All

Step 3: Procurement

Procurement > Product Catalog

Inquire - All

Procurement > Products

Inquire - All

Procurement > Purchase Orders

Inquire - All

Step 4: Project

Project > Project Tickets

Inquire - All

Step 5: Service Desk

Service Desk > Service Tickets

       Inquire -All

Step 6: System 

System > API Reports

Inquire - All

System > Member Maintenance

Inquire - All

Step 7: System Table Setup

System > Table Setup

    Inquire - All

System> Table Setup > Click Customize next to table set up

    Allow Access to :

        General Ledger / Accounting Package

        Invoicing / Billing Status

        Invoicing / Tax code

        Products / UOM

Step 8: Time & Expense

Time & Expense > Expense Report Entry

Inquire - All

Time & Expense > Time Entry

Inquire - All

Step 9: API Member

Once you have created the API member the “Role ID” field must be set to the custom security role that you just created in the previous steps.  (This is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED).  Or to the ”Admin” role.  

Then follow these steps to create an API Member, it is recommended to name the API Member "Mobius" so as to easily identify it.  This Connect Wise article How to create API Member and API keys as well as this ConnectWise video are both very helpful with this step.

Here is an example of where the custom security role you created is selected when creating your API member.

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