Tax Setup for QuickBooks Online

If you do not have Taxes listed in your selection of Configuration options in Gozynta Mobius then you have Automated Sales Tax enabled in QuickBooks Online. We will sync the tax amounts from Manage to QuickBooks, but we need you to do one very important thing to make sure they go to the right place.  You need to ensure that you the "Ship to" address in ConnectWise PSA is populated.  The "Ship to" address can be found on the customer's "Site" in ConnectWise PSA.   It is very important to use the correct site and select the "Ship to" address on the invoice to ensure crediting taxes to the correct tax agency. To read more about this change, please go to: Automated Sales Tax for QuickBooks Online

Some more detail:

Tax amounts: Manage does your tax calculation, based on your tax configuration in Manage.  When your invoices are transferred to QuickBooks, we copy the tax amount from your Manage invoice to your QuickBooks invoice.  The tax amounts come from Manage, and are untouched (even if they're $0).

Tax agency: 

We don't pass tax agency information from Manage to QuickBooks, instead QuickBooks determines which tax agency to credit taxes collected on a particular invoice by using the Ship To information on the invoice.  If the Ship To is blank, then QuickBooks will assume that you're making a retail counter sale at your business location and will use the tax agency of your business location.

If you are using Avalara  or would like to bring over taxes as line items  please follow the directions here:  How do I use the "Taxes as Line Items" module?

If you are not using Automated Sales Tax you will have a Tax Mapping tab on your configurations panel in Gozynta Mobius.  You can follow directions for setup here:  Tax Mappings.

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