How do I configure Gozynta Mobius?

Gozynta Mobius

Gozynta Mobius is the web service that will be used to provide a user interface for the ConnectWise PSA – QuickBooks Online Integration. This Integration allows you to import your ConnectWise PSA accounting data directly into your QuickBooks Online account. You can access Gozynta Mobius at, and you can sign up at

Account Creation

The first thing that happens after sign-up is email verification.  You will receive an e-mail that contains a link. Once you receive the email and follow the link you will see the following screen.

Enter your desired Gozynta Mobius account password in the “Password” field. Then confirm the desired Gozynta Mobius account password in the “Retype Password” field.  

Logging In

 Once on the Gozynta Mobius site, you will be brought to the login page.

Enter your Mobius account email address in the “Email Address” Field.

Enter your Mobius account password into the “Password” field.

Your Gozynta Mobius account password was set up during the Account Creation step. If you have forgotten your password, you can select the Forgot Password option in the side login menu. This will bring you to a new page that will require your Gozynta Mobius account email address.  Once you have entered your Gozynta Mobius account email address, press the Reset Password button. Once you have submitted your request for a password reset, you will receive an email from, and inside the email will be a link to reset your password.  

Connection Setup

When logging in to Gozynta Mobius for the first time your home page will show a “Configurations” section of the user dashboard page. The first required step is to configure your ConnectWise PSA connection. You can click either the Configure ConnectWise PSA or the Set Up ConnectWise PSA link in the Configurations section or navigational sidebar respectively.

ConnectWise PSA Connection

The ConnectWise PSA Configuration page allows the configuration of one connection to your ConnectWise PSA company. You will require a member with access to the Accounting System, and proper credentials to access the REST API. See ConnectWise PSA Configuration to properly set up the required credentials in ConnectWise PSA. Once in the ConnectWise Configuration section, you should see the following form. To set up your ConnectWise PSA account, fill in the correct information into the “Site”, and “Company ID”. Using APIKey for authentication, provide the “Public Key” and “Private Key”. Once you have filled in all fields, click on the button labeled “Save”. 

QuickBooks Online Connection

Once the ConnectWise PSA Configuration has been established and validated, the option to connect to QuickBooks Online becomes available. Gozynta Mobius allows you to create connections to more than one QuickBooks Online Company. At any time, you can create a new configuration under Set Up QuickBooks Online > Add New Company from the navigational sidebar. By default, new accounts will have a “Default” configuration to set up. To configure your default configuration, click either the Connect to QuickBooks Online link under the ConnectWise PSA Integration Dashboard or the Default configuration in the navigational sidebar.

When you open your QuickBooks Online configuration you’ll notice the flash message “Your Default connection to QuickBooks Online has been lost. Please reconnect.” This message will be displayed whenever your Configurations connection fails to validate. QuickBooks Online requires connections to be re-established every six months. Gozynta will automatically invalidate your configuration when this happens and redirect you to a configuration setup page.

Click the Connect to QuickBooks button to begin the authentication process with QuickBooks Online.


A “Welcome to Intuit App Center” window will pop-up for you to sign in to your QuickBooks Online account.

After signing in, click to select the QuickBooks Online Company for this configuration. Finally, click to Authorize the Connection.


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