message=ThrottleExceeded; errorCode=003001; statusCode=429


message=ThrottleExceeded; errorCode=003001; statusCode=429


While this error is rare, QuickBooks will raise an error due to multiple requests occurring simultaneously.

  1. Applications cannot make more than 10 API requests to the same realmId.

  2. API calls are throttled at 500 requests per minute per realmId, including batch requests.


  • Processing a multiple batches simultaneously (AutoSync Payment batch and a manual invoice batch) can cause this error to be given 


To resolve the issue, We would recommend either allowing AutoSync to batch your invoices, payments, expenses, and Inventory for high use cases. This would ensure we do not exceed the limit set by QuickBooks Online. Alternatively, we would recommend you disable AutoSync of payments if you wish to manually batch invoices, expenses, and purchase orders.

Please review the following articles for more information

  1. AutoSync - Best Practices 
  2. How do I review existing batches? 



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