Payment Sync Error: Failed to update invoice with Credit Memo


Payment Sync Error: Failed to update invoice with Credit Memo


This error happens when an invoice in QuickBooks Online collects payment from a credit memo, but that credit memo has already been applied to an invoice in ConnectWise PSA. ConnectWise PSA. is then reporting back that the balance of the credit memo that isn't great enough to match the amount being applied to the invoice in QuickBooks Online. You will then see the following error message.

This will also be given when a Credit Memo's balance is partially used toward an invoice in ConnectWise PSA.. Simultaneously, the same credit memo is used to create a payment in Quickbooks Online toward another invoice with an amount that is greater than the remaining balance of the same Credit Memo in ConnectWise PSA..


"The amount of $$$ was attempted to be applied from Credit Memo ### toward invoice ### in Quickbooks Online; however, this Credit Memo only has a usable balance of $$$ in ConnectWise PSA"


Ideally, to fix this error we would recommend that you first determine what is actually being spent where, since this error is here to inform you that a credit memo is being over-spent somewhere. Then we would recommend removing both payments (QuickBooks Online and ConnectWise PSA.), and then sorting out where you are actually meaning to apply the credit memo so that the expenditure is sufficiently under the total balance. Once you have fixed where the credit memo is to be applied you can then re-run your payment sync to clear this error.


Please review the following articles to resolve the issue.

  1. Handling of Payments and Credit Memos

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