Sync ConnectWise to Multiple QuickBooks Files - Best Practice


Best Practices

1. Rename the QuickBooks Online Company Name

  • The QuickBooks Online Company name can be changed to a name that represents the QuickBooks Online Company a configuration can represent. 

 2. Select the ConnectWise Location you want the invoice to default to

  • In the example below, We have 2 QuickBooks Online companies: Clearwater and Tampa
    • Any invoices generated in the Clearwater location in ConnectWise will default to Mobius Training - Clearwater's QuickBooks Online account
    • Any invoices generated in the Tampa location in ConnectWise will default to Mobius Training - Tampa's QuickBooks Online Account.

3. Click the "Create Invoice Batch" in the left navigation pane.

  • Select the QuickBooks Company to show only the invoices for each location. In this example, Tampa does not have any invoices ready to batch. Clearwater is waiting to batch 1 invoice

Configuration Instructions

  1. Select the QuickBooks Online Company File
  2. Click "Company" Tab
  3. Name the QuickBooks Online File 
  4. Select the default location you would like all invoices to transfer to
  5. Click Save. 


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