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We all have needed to pull an invoice, expense, and purchase orders back for one reason or another. Our Support Team may instruct you to unbatch an invoice depending on the nature of the problem. You will need to delete the invoice from QuickBooks Online before following these instructions. This will allow you to edit your invoice and rebatch it over to QuickBooks Online. Once the record has been un-batched and deleted, it will be available for you to re-open and edit. 

Batch Identification

Batches In ConnectWise PSA are labeled in a a specific way

I### - Invoice Number (Ex: I508:RandomCharacters - Invoice 508

E###XXXXXX- Expense Number Employee (Ex: E4351bbastine:RandomCharacters - Expense 4351 for BBastine)

P### - Purchase Order Number (Ex: P984:RandomCharacters - Purchase order 984)

This is also the way that come over to QuickBooks online. So if you are looking for an expense for an employee and can locate the batch number, you can easily search for the expense number and employee identification, invoice, and purchase order without the preceding "E", "I", or "P" within QuickBooks Online

Un-batching Transactions


If you feel you’ve made an error on a particular invoice, you have the ability to un-batch it individually. Go to the Invoice and click on “More” > “Un-batch”.

Click OK to the verification message. The invoice will then be un-batched and will return to the unposted Invoices list in the integration, ready to be exported. Please note that this did not delete the invoice from your accounting package. You will need to do that manually.

All Batches

If you feel you have made an error and need to restore some of the transactions that have been previously batched from the “Unposted” tabs, you can delete the batch in ConnectWise PSA at Finance > Accounting Interface > Open Batches. Click the checkmark next to the batch, then click “Actions” > “Delete Batches”.

Click OK to the verification message. The batch will then be deleted, and the transactions are again listed on the “Unposted” tabs, ready to be exported. Please note that this did not delete the transactions from your accounting package. You will need to do that manually.

If you choose to Close instead of Delete, then the transactions will stay posted and you will no longer be able to see the batch. in this case, you will need to contact your ConnectWise PSA Consultant at Consulting@ConnectWise PSA.com to restore it for you if you ever need it again. As a result, it is recommended to never Close a Batch in ConnectWise PSA.

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