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Setting up taxes seems like a daunting task. By following our best practices, you can rest assured that your taxes will be transferred to QuickBooks Online accurately. We offer 3 different methods of mapping your taxes which include Automated sales tax in QuickBooks Online, Manual tax setup, and we integrate with Avalara Tax.

Automated Sales Tax in QuickBooks Online

If Taxes are not listed in your Configuration options in Gozynta Mobius, it indicates that Automated Sales Tax is enabled in QuickBooks Online.

Tax Agency

  • QuickBooks Online determines the tax agency using the "Ship To" information.
  • Ensure the "Ship to" address is selected on the invoice in ConnectWise PSA so QuickBooks Online can distribute taxes accordingly. This address is crucial for crediting taxes to the correct tax agency.
  • If the “Ship To” address is blank, it assumes a retail counter sale at your business location.

Tax Amounts

  • ConnectWise PSA calculates tax amounts based on your Tax Configuration. (System > Setup Tables > Tax Code)
  • Gozynta Mobius transfers the calculated amounts to QuickBooks Online invoices. We do not modify the tax amount.

Manual Tax Setup (Non-Automated Sales Tax)

  • If Automated Sales Tax is not used, you'll find a “Taxes” tab in Gozynta Mobius’ QuickBooks Online configurations.
  • Both US and non-US Intuit accounts support multiple Tax Levels.
  • For non-US accounts, additional validation is applied to Tax Code Mappings.

Tax Mapping

  • Add explicit tax code mappings for each tax code listed
    • The dropdown on the left, "Select ConnectWise PSA Tax," will have a list of your taxes in ConnectWise PSA.
    • The dropdown on the right, "Select QuickBooks Online Tax," will have a list of your taxes in QuickBooks Online.
  • You can add as many tax mappings as necessary.
  • You can map many different ConnectWise PSA tax codes to the same QuickBooks Online tax code, but you can only map a ConnectWise PSA tax code once.

Tax Code Levels

  • Levels are displayed in a bulleted list under each tax code.
  • The number of levels in ConnectWise PSA must match the listed number of agencies in QuickBooks Online for each mapping.
  • Tax rates, names, and other information will not be Validated. Mobius will only validate the number of levels.

Intuit Account Outside the US

Tax Exempt Items for Non-US Accounts

  • An additional field, “Tax Exempt Items”, is available to map ConnectWise PSA products to the "Exempt Sales Tax Code."
  • Search for products and associate them with the default tax code set on the Taxes tab.

Exempt Sales Tax Code

  • Select a QuickBooks Online Tax Code for non-taxable sales.
  • Leave blank if you would like to map from ConnectWise PSA transactions.

Avalara Integration

Enabling the "Taxes as Line Items" Module

  • Open Gozynta Mobius and navigate to QuickBooks Setup >  Taxes as Line Items Tab.
  • The module is disabled by default. To enable it, select the "Enabled" checkbox and click "Save."
  • Note: If Avalara is enabled in ConnectWise PSA, it will automatically apply in Mobius even if the box is unchecked.
  • If the “Taxes as Line Items” Module is missing, then you most likely have Automated Sales Tax enabled in QuickBooks Online

Functionality of the Module

  • When enabled, the module disregards Tax Codes in both ConnectWise PSA and QuickBooks Online.
  • Sales Tax Lines are transferred into QuickBooks Online as invoice lines.
  • Tax Payable GL Accounts map through service items.
  • No Tax Codes are applied to the invoice in QuickBooks Online.

Validating A Batch

  • To verify invoices in QuickBooks Online, navigate to Home > Transactions > Sales.
  • To verify item receipts in QuickBooks Online, navigate to Home > Transactions > Expenses.


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