Gozynta Mobius - Setup Guide for QuickBooks Online

Congratulations on your purchase of Gozynta Mobius! Now that your account has been created let's set you up! 

In this Setup Guide, you will notice that we will link you back to several other articles. We do this so that this article does not become too cluttered and confusing. We want your setup process to be as simple and stress-free as possible!



First, you will want to make sure you have the following things before continuing with your setup:

  1. A ConnectWise PSA account and log-in credentials. 
  2. A QuickBooks Online account that you can use with full admin permissions.
Note: This article here can walk you through how to set up a QuickBooks Online user with full admin permissions if you need to. Configuration of QuickBooks Online Login.

Accounting Package Configuration:

Before setting up your Mobius to ConnectWise PSA connection, we must ensure your accounting package is set up and ready to work with Mobius.

To set up your accounting package, please follow the steps laid out in this article Accounting Package Setup

Time to configure your custom security role and API Member. 

For the API Member to be able to work with the accounting information, they must be assigned a security role that allows access to the GL Interface. We strongly recommend creating a custom security role to follow the principle of least privilege

Creating API Member:

  1. To create a custom security role in ConnectWise PSA, navigate to System> Security Roles and grant the permissions described in this article, Custom Security Role
  2. Next, you will want to create your API Member that will be used for your ConnectWise PSA to Mobius connection. Follow the instructions in this article on how to create your API Member. How to create an API Member

Establishing your Connection to ConnectWise PSA in Mobius

Now that you have configured your Custom Security Role and API Member, it is time to generate your API Keys and establish your connection to ConnectWise PSA in Mobius!

Generating API Keys:

  1. To set up APIKey Authentication in ConnectWise PSA, navigate to System > Members > API Members. Select the API Member you just created in the previous step with the permissions described above, and go to the "API Keys" tab. 
  2. Click at the Plus sign to create a new API key, enter the description of your choice and click Save (NOT SAVE AND CLOSE)
  3. You will want to keep this screen open while you are completing the next steps.
 NOTE:We do not recommend saving the Private Key long-term for security reasons.  If you need the keys again, you should just create a new set of API Keys under the API Member you just created with a different description. 

Connecting ConnectWise PSA and Mobius

Now it is time to use those newly generated API Keys to create a connection between Mobius and ConnectWise! Please follow the steps described in this article to establish your connection between Mobius and Connectwise. Establishing your Connection to ConnectWise.

Establishing your Connection to QuickBooks Online in Mobius

You are now one step closer to completing your Mobius setup! After establishing your connection to ConnectWise, you will notice that you now have the option to set up your QuickBooks Online connection. This connection is super easy. You will need to make sure that you have a user account with full admin permissions in QuickBooks Online to establish this connection. Please follow the steps described in this article on how to establish your connection between Mobius and QuickBooks Online. How to Log into QuickBooks Online in Mobius.

Note: This article here can walk you through how to set up a QuickBooks Online user with full admin permissions if you need to. Configuration of QuickBooks Online Login.

Setting up QuickBooks Online in Mobius

Congratulations, you are now connected to both your ConnectWise PSA instance and QuickBooks Online! Now let's make sure your QuickBooks Online Mobius configuration is set up. To access your QuickBooks Online setup, you will need to log into Mobius, then on the left-hand side click "Set Up QuickBooks Online". On this screen, you will have multiple tabs that you will need to configure. Check out this article for a compilation of all the QuickBooks Online setup articles for each tab. QuickBooks Online Setup Options

Mapping your data

It's now time to verify that your data is mapped correctly. This step will take the longest to complete. The integration is case-sensitive, which means you need to make sure that everything matches word for word, capital for capital, and space for space. This is super important to have set up prior to your first sync as it will help prevent early setup-related errors from occurring. Check out this article for a compilation of all of our data mapping articles. How to map corresponding data. You can work through each of the data mapping articles to see how the two systems need to match. 

Configuring your Email and Payment Settings (Mobius Standard Only)

If you have chosen the Mobius Standard plan you will have the ability to email your invoices and request payment right from Mobius! If you choose to use payments you will need to take the extra step and go to the payments product page on Gozynta to sign up for payments. Gozynta Payments SignUp. Once you have completed that sign up you will be sent a confirmation email from us with further instructions. Now you dont need to complete the payments sign-up in order to use the email invoice feature in Mobius. To use this feature you will need to set up your email settings in Mobius. This article here can walk you through how to configure your email settings. How to Configure Your Email Preferences for Invoice Emailing

Clearing old transactions

Now that you have completed your configurations. You might find that you have some old invoices, expenses, and POs showing as ready to be batched. It is best to take a look at this list and clear out any invoices, expenses, and POs that do not need to be batched to QuickBooks Online. To view, all unposted transactions in ConnectWise PSA you will need to navigate to Finance > Accounting Interface. On this screen, you can view all of your unposted transactions. Follow the steps in this article for instructions on how to clear out these old transactions. How do I clear old transactions in ConnectWise PSA?

Running a New Batch

Congratulations on completing your configurations! It is now time to run your first batch! 

Creating an Invoice, Expense, or Inventory (PO) Batch

To create a batch you will log into Mobius, and then on the left-hand side of the screen, you will see the different create batch options. Follow the steps in the below articles on how to run the different types of batches. 

How to unbatch

Sometimes we notice that we have a mistake on an invoice, expense, or PO after we have already synced that item to QuickBooks Online. That is no worry as you can easily unbatch the item, delete it out of QuickBooks Online and then rebatch that item once you have fixed it. This article here can walk you through how to unbatch these items: How to unbatch an invoice, expense, or PO.

Extra Knowledge

Now that you are rocking and rolling with syncing your batches, we just want to pass on a little knowledge.

Handling of Payments and Credit Memos

First, let's talk about how Payments and Credit Memos are handled during your Payment Sync Batch. As you have seen, a payment sync batch only syncs payments made in QuickBooks Online to ConnectWise PSA and marks the invoice as paid. When syncing a credit memo, it is important to remember that only one credit memo can be applied per payment instance. If you were to take one credit memo and apply it to multiple invoices in one payment instance, that would cause you to receive an error.

For example: If you have Invoice A and Invoice B and Credit Memo 1. You cannot in one payment use Credit Memo 1 on both invoices. You must use Credit Memo 1 on Invoice A, then save and close. Then go back to Invoice B and make another payment using Credit Memo 1, then save and close. 

The way to fix this is to remove these instances of payments that are using one credit memo on more than one invoice at one given time and redo them. You can click the link in the error message, and it will take you to the payment that is causing the issue. This article here explains in detail how credit memos are handled—Handling of Payments and Credit Memos.

Batch Data

Knowing how to verify your batch data and understand what you are reading is essential. These articles here can walk you through how to review existing batches and validate the batch data in QuickBooks Online.

Customer Support

For our paid plans, you will receive Break/Fix Email Support. This support includes help with sudden and unexpected errors while using our products and is only available through email. It is also important to note that our support team can not help with GL Setup or setup of ConnectWise PSA. You can read more about our support policy on our blog. Gozynta Support Policy

 You can also view what is included in your support plan. What's Covered Under "We'll be there for you" support? 

Onboarding Support

We have tried to make it easy to set up Mobius without our assistance. With this setup guide and knowledge base articles, we try to anticipate any issues you may have and make things as easy as possible with no frustration.

However, some companies opt for our Onboarding Package so they don't have to worry about mapping and settings. If you would like to know more about this package, check out the full list of what is included, plus the cost in this article. Onboarding Package

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