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1. "Bee There" Product Support

Of course, we are going to support our product! Along with our easy self-help Knowledge Base (because who likes to wait?), you can email our Help Desk team for support. Our support queue is staffed by Gozynta-trained personnel dedicated to our products.

What is covered under "We'll Bee There For You" support?

  • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET email support for Break-fix issues
  • Errors related to bugs

What is not covered under support?

  • Anything that falls under setup.  Examples of common setup issues: 
    • GL Account Mapping issues related to GL Accounts not being set up properly. This includes but is not limited to: GL Mapping for Products, Invoicing, Customers, Vendors, etc.
    • System setup of your ConnectWise PSA Integration or QuickBooks Online
    • Creating a Chart of Accounts
    • Creating GL Account entries
    • Errors related to any of the above issues. These errors are normally seen in the first 90 days of setting up and using Mobius. They are also seen when a partner has made changes in their GL Mappings for products and services, as well as creating new Customers.

Common Errors from Tickets:

  • Everything worked yesterday, but when I sent a batch, not all of my details came over on the invoice.
  • Unknown Error: Contact Support
  • My expenses are not transferring over correctly
  • I want to start using classes. I have them set up in ConnectWise PSA, but they are not transferring over correctly.
  • I am getting this weird tax error. I haven't made any changes to my taxes. Can you see why it is giving me this error?

Common Questions asked regarding how a particular setting within Mobius works:

  • What does Append Account Name do?
  • What is the difference between these options for Vendor Invoice date?
  • My QuickBooks Online connection says it is disconnected. How do I reconnect it?

Common Questions asked about making a change in your settings:

  • I am changing my QuickBooks Online Company to a new company. How do I do that?
  • I am trying to enable AutoSync, but I only want to sync Invoices and Payments. How do I do that?
  • I want to start using locations in QuickBooks Online. How do I enable that in Mobius?

2. Onboarding

The Gozynta products can be relatively simple to set up.  However, difficulties can arise when understanding how to set up your connected systems, such as ConnectWise Manage and QuickBooks Online. Our team of consultants, who understand both products and Gozynta Mobius, is ready to help you with the extras, including best practices and workflow automation, to make the most of your experience with Gozynta Mobius.

This service is included at no additional cost to new Annual clients and is required for new Monthly clients. We introduced this service in 2021 and have found an astounding success rate for those clients who go through onboarding compared to those that don't.  If you became a client prior to 2023, we also offer this service a la carte. It is a great value to work with our consulting team and improve your finance automation!

Will Gozynta set Mobius up for me? Yes!

From the beginning, Gozynta has made it easy to set up Mobius without any assistance from us through our user guide and knowledge base articles that try to anticipate any issue you may have and make things as easy as possible with no frustration. However, as we've added features and the requirements for ConnectWise PSA and QuickBooks Online Apis have changed over time, Gozynta has implemented a required Onboarding Package so our Partners don't have to worry about mapping and settings. Literally, we can get everything set up for you so you can hit the ground running using all the features to their fullest potential in a way that makes sense for your business.  

Gozynta Mobius' required Onboarding Package is included with all annually-paid subscriptions, and for our monthly-paid Partners, it is a one-time investment for up to five hours of dedicated consulting set up in multiple sessions, as required.

Onboarding includes:

  • Scheduled, structured, effective meetings with screen share
  • Proper GL Account Mapping in connection with your Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Online, setup, and error support.
  • Accounting Package setup, and error support
  • Product and Services Mapping, setup, and error support.
  • Customer and Vendor Mapping, setup, and error support
  • Showing you best practices to get the most out of your use of Gozynta Mobius
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • On-call for you, should the need arise
  • End Goal: Get your ConnectWise PSA>Gozynta Mobius>QuickBooks Online in efficient, effective, working order.

The package has the following assumptions about the state of the company:

  • ConnectWise PSA configuration is ready to create invoices
  • QuickBooks Online is configured
  • The chart of Account structure is defined and set up
  • Has an existing Mobius Subscription

Please note: Setup does take time and will take multiple sessions to complete.

Process Consulting

If you are ready to dive into best practices and receive direct professional help from experienced business consultants that specialize in ITSPs and MSPs, this is for you. Meet with a skilled consultant and facilitator every week as they guide you through solving your hottest issues in every area of your business. This services comes with up to two hours per month of Tools Admin services, which allows our team to directly execute within your tools such as ConnectWise Manage, QuickBooks Online, BrightGuage, MSPbots, and many more.

Get started with a free consultation to see if this service is a fit for you. 

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