Information Safety and Security

Our security controls are constantly evolving and improving.  Here's a listing of some of our security controls at this time:

  • Gozynta Mobius receives an annual external security audit.
  • Our code's automatic testing/build process includes static code analysis to look for opportunities to improve the security of our codebase.
  • We practice the principle of least privilege company-wide, and we're continuing to look for ways to reduce the access required by any individual or any piece of code.
  • Our logins to our production systems are controlled by two-factor authentication using a hardware token.
  • Our databases are stored encrypted, and we additionally encrypt sensitive information (IE: access tokens) in the database.
  • We limit what customer data we store to only what we need, and we purge old data as soon as possible.
  • We realize that no matter how secure we work to make our systems that breaches can still happen.
    • We recommend that our customers keep regular backups of both their ConnectWise PSA, and Quickbooks Online databases.  For QuickBooks, Intuit offers a backup solution at some plan tiers, or has a very reasonably priced option
    • Our setup guides for our software provide recommended configurations that limit what access we have into your systems as much as possible.

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