How do I remove Gozynta Mobius app from QuickBooks Online



While uncommon, Our support team may instruct you to disconnect the app from QuickBooks Online or you may want to remove the app should you decide to cancel your subscription.


QuickBooks Online's user interface may differ from the screenshots below but the instructions should remain the same

  1. Navigating to Apps > Gozynta Mobius
  2. Disconnect, then reconnect
  3. Re-run the batches.

If this screen appears in QuickBooks Online:

You'll need the master administrator to transfer the app ownership. This allows you to take over the app connection for your firm or a client as a master administrator. The master administrator would need to 

  1. Go to Apps and search for the app you're transferring.
  2. Select the app, then select Get App Now.
  3. Select your firm or select a client, then select Install.
  4. Review the message details and select Become Admin.
  5. Adjust the settings as necessary, then make sure the app is now associated with your user ID.


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