How do I review existing batches?

Reviewing Existing Batch

Although Gozynta Mobius performs a number of validations (such as checking to make sure that an account specified on a transaction is an account in QuickBooks Online), it is a good idea to check some of the data to ensure that things have worked reliably. To do this, select “Review Existing Batch”.

As you scroll down, the list of Recent Batches will continuously load more in the list. Click on any batch to see more details about that batch.

Batch Status

You will come across 3 different statuses: 

  • Red: Finished with Error - This batch needs to be reviewed. An error occurred and invoices, procurement, or expenses were not batched to QuickBooks Online
  • Yellow: Finished with Warning - This batch has completed but there are discrepancies that must be addressed. If you receive a yellow warning during a payment sync, the warnings must be addressed and the payment sync should be rerun. 
  • Green: Finished - This batch completed successfully without warnings or errors

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