How can I transfer non reimbursable expenses?

If you have both internal and reimbursable expenses, you should not select "Transfer Expense as Bill" in your setup table/Accounting Package in Manage.  When this option is not selected, you can send over all types of expenses and they will come over to QuickBooks Online as an expense.  From there, you can transfer your reimbursable expenses by cutting a check-in QuickBooks.

If you would like to use the "Transfer Expense as Bill" option in ConnectWise, you can complete the sync in two steps.  

Step 1:

    First, check the "Transfer Expense as Bill" option on your Accounting Package in ConnectWise. In Manage, navigate to System>>Setup Tables>>Accounting Package. This will send over only the reimbursable expenses and leave behind the non-reimbursable expenses.

Step 2:

    Then you can uncheck "Transfer Expense as Bill" and transfer your non-reimbursable expenses.

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