Email Invoices to Customers Within Mobius

Warning: You must first configure your DKIM/SPF settings on your domain provider’s website before you can use this feature. Please view this article for instructions on how to set this up.    How to Configure Your Email Preferences for Invoice Emailing

We are always trying to bring improvements to Mobius to save you steps. With this in mind, we just removed a step from your invoice process.  You can now email invoices to your customers from Mobius! 

With this feature, you can select the “Send Invoices to Customers” checkbox when you run your batch, and those invoices will be emailed to your customer during the batch process. It’s that easy! 

When you turn this on by default under your AutoSync settings, your invoices will also be automatically emailed when the next AutoSync runs. Be sure to click save after you make the change. 

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