I received a Warning saying an Item is already mapped to a different GL Account. What does this mean?

ConnectWise provides both Item and GL Account information, but sometimes ConnectWise will later send us the same item with a different GL Account information.  

For example: You have an item "Cat5 Cable".       

  • Item "Cat5 Cable" is created on an invoice that specifies the GL Account as "Consumables".

  • Later another invoice includes "Cat5 Cable", but says the GL Account is "Parts". Since the "Cat5 Cable" item is already created in QBO and linked to the "Consumables" account.

When we create the new invoice, then the line that contains the item "Cat5 Cable" will be attributed to the original account of "Consumables"  instead of "Parts”. We will issue a "Completed With Warning" message to let you know that the item in question was already mapped to the GL Account "Consumables" and can not be mapped to the GL Account "Parts".

Want to change what GL Account it is mapped to?

If you wish to have this item mapped to the GL Account "Parts". Then after you update the GL Account mapping in ConnectWise, you will need to change the account it is linked to in QBO. To do this all you need to do is log into QBO, go to Sales > Products and Services > Click Edit on the product you wish to change. In that screen you can then drop down the "Income" Account and change which account it is mapped to.

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