Improved data mappings for payments

Please note that this article applies only to Gozynta Mobius.

Please find the improvements that have been released in the latest update below:

Support for applying Credit Memos.

Credit memos must be created in ConnectWise PSA, and applied in Quick Books Online. Payment records in Quick Books Online that contain credit memos must only be applied to one invoice; a credit memo can be distributed across multiple invoices by separating it into multiple payments - this is required by how ConnectWise PSA handles credit memos differently from Quick Books Online.

Better/more accurate payment sync.
We have encountered some situations in the current version that could have caused a partial-paid invoice to have a larger payment applied to it in ConnectWise PSA than in Quick Books Online. This is now resolved.

More information on how Gozynta Mobius handles Payments and Credit Memos.

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