How do you Configure ConnectWise Manage to begin with Gozynta Mobius?

Before using the Gozynta Mobius website, you must ensure that Manage is configured to allow the site access to the accounting system and the REST API.  

Configuration of Manage Login

In order for the API Member to be able to work with the accounting information, they must be assigned a security role that allows access to the GL Interface.  We strongly recommend to create a custom security role.

In order to create a custom security role in ConnectWise navigate to System> Security Roles and grant the permissions described below.

After creating a security role with relevant permissions assign this security role to the integration user (API Member).  Please note that an additional Manage license is not required to assign a role to an API Member. 

Companies > Company Maintenance

Inquire - All

Companies > Contacts

Inquire - All

Finance > Accounting Interface

Add - All

Edit - All

Delete - All

Inquire - All

Finance > Invoicing

Edit - All

Inquire - All

Delete - All

Procurement > Product Catalog

Inquire - All

Procurement > Products

Inquire - All

Procurement > Purchase Orders

Inquire - All

System > API Reports

Inquire - All

System > Member Maintenance

Inquire - All

System > Table Setup

Inquire - All

System> Table Seup > Customize

Allow Access to:

Invoicing / Billing Status

Invoicing / Tax code

Time & Expense > Expense Report Entry

Inquire - All

Time & Expense > Time Entry

Inquire - All

The “Role ID” field must be set to the custom security role that you created in the previous step.  (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED).  Or to  ”Admin” role.  

Configuration of Integrator Login

In addition to accessing the Manage Accounting System, Gozynta Mobius also requires credentials to access the REST API. To access the REST API you must make an APIKey. 

APIKey Authentication

To setup APIKey Authentication in Manage, navigate to System > Members > API Members.  You can choose the existing member or create a new one with the permissions described above > the “API Keys” tab. Click at the Plus sign to create a new API key, enter the description of your choice and click Save. 

You may want to save the Private Key somewhere as it will not be visible again once you close the API Keys screen.  We do not recommend saving the Private Key long term for security reasons.  If you need the keys again, you should create a new API Member. 

This ConnectWise video is helpful in showing the process. 

Configuration of GL Accounts

Your company will need to have their GL Accounts properly configured in order for Manage to provide the integration application with the correct information. Because this process is largely specific to your Company, the exact details of this configuration are outside of the scope of this document. Please visit the ConnectWise University before beginning to set up your GL Accounts, or speak with your ConnectWise Consultant at for more information.

Configuration of the Accounting Package

Once your accounts are set up, you will need to set up the Accounting Package, which describes to Manage how to export your transaction to your QuickBooks Online accounts. You can set up this screen at System > Setup Tables > Accounting Package using the following steps:

  1. Set the “Accounting Package Setup” dropdown to “Other.”

  2. In the Sales Tax Options section, ensure that “Include Sales Tax” is checked.

  3. Transfer Expenses as a Bill should be DISABLED.  If this is enabled then we can't retrieve non-reimbursable expenses from Manage.  Use the "Enter Reimbursable Expenses as Bills" option in your Mobius settings instead.

  4. In the Product Options section, ensure that “Inventory SOH Option” is checked.

  5. If you will be transferring Costing, ensure that “Include COGS Entries” is checked.

  6. In the Account Segments section, choose the maximum number of segments an account in your company will have. Ensure that each segment to be a part of your GL Account structure has a type of “Account.” (Please note that Class Segments may be used in certain circumstances. See Classes and Locations in "How do I map corresponding data?"for more details.)

  7. In the COGS Segments section, choose the maximum number of segments a COGS account in your company will have. Ensure that each segment to be a part of your GL Account structure has a type of “Account.”

You'll notice that there are a few other options in the Accounting Package that we have not explicitly mentioned, such as "Include Invoices," "Include Expenses" and "Include Procurement Items." Some of these fields only affect the default values of the Accounting Integration screen built into Manage. This integration does not use that screen; so these options will have no effect on the integration.

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